The In Face Trilogy: (2007-2009)

This trilogy uses the art of drag to examine the evolution of gay culture and the emotional walls that we all maintain through three inter-related, stand-alone stories set in New York City.

Part I: Iva Secret (2010)

When drag queen Stella Man doesn’t come into work at the local piano bar, Iva is forced to cover her shift on a particularly difficult day. Dealing with the fallout of a cheating boyfriend and the consistent lying of her boss’s 8-year-old daughter, she must come to terms with what’s true and what’s worth holding onto.

  • girl pouting wearing boa
  • Drag Queen removes makeup while another looks on
  • drag queen observes another performer's leg in dressing room
  • Woman looks onto stage from wings

Part II: Rhoda Heartbreak (2008)

When Stella Man misses her shift at another bar across town, queens Rhoda Heartbreak, Ginger Snap, and ‘Lotta Drama are stunned to discover that her replacement for the evening is a biological woman performing in drag. Faced with the inevitability of the onset of gentrification of traditionally-queer spaces and the shift of drag from political activism to reality show camp, the queens struggle to find where they fit into an ever-evolving gay scene.

  • three drag queens giving a female performer the once over
  • three drag queens getting ready in the green room
  • two drag queens stare each other down
  • drag queens prepare backstage

Part III:  Stella Man (2009)

So where the hell is Stella?  Standing on a street corner in The Bronx talking to imaginary people, of course. Struggling to control her mental health issues sparked by the reality of living an outwardly gay life in a community that is unaccepting, Stella meets a mysterious stranger that seems hell-bent on protecting her despite her protests.  Set on a particularly cold Halloween night, the pair struggle to get past their respective costumes and find an unexpected connection amid the revelry beyond.

  • Stella Man being observed by a man on a bench as she smokes a cigarette
  • Stella Man being observed by a man on a bench
  • Stella Man confronting a passerby
  • Man confronting an other man putting on makeup on a city bench